• Convenient PHP wrapper around the API calls and responses:
    • marshalls PHP request objects to HTTP requests
    • unmarshalls HTTP responses to PHP response objects or PHP exceptions
  • handling of all the details concerning authentication
  • handling of required meta data

Download Ingenic Driver

1 Download the Ingenico Jungo Driver here under “Device Drivers”. 2 Select “Next” to continue with the Driver Setup Wizard. 3 Click “Next” to accept the default install location. 4 Install the driver with “Usb Driver parameters” configured as shown below substituting a COM port number not already in use in the bottom left corner. Ingenico, a Worldline brand Since October 28, 2020, Ingenico has joined Worldline Worldline is the largest European player in payment services and the fourth largest player worldwide. Ingenico USB Drivers Package JUNGO 2.40 remove only – Shareware – more. This client and all its child clients are bound to one specific value for the X-GCS-ClientMetaInfo header. View and Download Ingenico ICT250 merchant manual online. 606 million EBITDA 2, representing 18.0% of revenue.

Intervideo driver download

Its use is demonstrated by an example for most calls. The examples execute a call using the provided API keys.

Structure of this repository


This repository consists out of the following components:

Download Ingenic Driver

  1. The source code of the SDK itself: /src and /lib
  2. The source code of the unit and integration tests (including the examples): /tests


PHP 5.4 or above is required. No additional packages are needed.

Download Driver Ingenico Ipp350

Installation via Composer

  1. Add a requirement to the SDK to your composer.json file:

    composer require ingenico-epayments/connect-sdk-php

  2. Add vendor/autoload.php to your project, if this is not already done.

Manual installation

Download Ingenic Driverpack

Download ingenico driver

  1. Download the latest version of the PHP SDK from GitHub. Choose the connect-sdk-php-x.y.z.tar.gz file from the releases page, where x.y.z is the version number.
  2. Add the contents of the tar.gz file to your project. The content of the /src and /lib folders may be combined, if this is required by the project.
  3. Add all classes from the /src and /lib folders to your autoloader; all classes inside these folders are compliant with PSR-4.

Development and testing

Download Driver Ingenico Ipp320


Download Ingenic Drivers

  1. From the root of the sdk-php project, run composer install
  2. Copy tests/config.json.dist to tests/config.json and replace the template values by actual values
  3. From the root of the sdk-php project, vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit (or just phpunit when it is already installed on your local machine)