Why Buy “The Artist’s Guide To Building A Buzz”?

  • Learn: how to write an effective and persuasive press release, directly pitch top bloggers, writers, and editors, and understand whom you are pitching
  • Develop: study the tricks and tips used by top music stars in order to create ideas and elements for your own music presentation, and generate content that is in line with your style and brand
  • Create: get industry based and experience driven advice on what to look for when putting together a new project, and using a release schedule to plan for and maximize the reach of your music
  • Connect: Use our huge contact database to reach the right people who are looking for new music, and get the tips and tricks needed to communicate with them and get the coverage you need

The Artist’s Guide To Building A Buzz Includes:

  • 6 Step-By-Step and Informative Tutorial Videos

  • Comprehensive and Detailed PowerPoint Workbook

  • Major Media Outlet Directory Featuring Over 1,000 Contacts

  • Professional Guidance And Insight Rooted In High-Level Industry Experience
    …and more!

The Artist’s Guide To Selling Your Music On iTunes Includes:

  • 6 Ten Minute Tutorial Videos

  • Informative Walk Throughs & Reviews of 6 Alternative Platforms

  • Comparing & Contrasting The Functionality, Apps/Widgets, and Services Offered on QTail, Nimbit, Sellfy, Gumroad, CDBaby, and Bandcamp

  • PDF With Information On Where To Signup For Each Service …and more!

What Our Clients Say About Us

This is a blueprint to take over the game. For any person who doesn’t know anything about the business, Ben makes it very easy to understand. Invest in yourself and supply your brand and image with quality, and you will see a great outcome. Take time to appreciate the fact that not only do you get instructional videos, it comes with a huge contact list…don’t play yourself.
Ozzie, @OzziePeriod //
The Artist’s Guide To Building a Buzz package is dope! I found it very informative and opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t know. For instance, I would contact blogs at all times of the night and wonder why I wouldn’t get any responses. I also would just send them a link oppose to a full professional press kit. Following the steps provided in the guide, I now have created my own professional press kit and I know I should reach out to blogs between 8:30 – 8:45am EST. Project coordination is also something I was obscure to as well and didn’t see the importance of it until now. This guide is very essential and I recommend it to any artist out there that takes their craft serious. Thanks, Ben!
C5, @C5matic //
Cop this if you are serious about taking your grind to the next level! The Artist’s Guide to Building a Buzz is a great resource for up and coming hip-hop artists and their teams. Learn to create and sustain a brand and get serious about building a career in the music business. Ben does a great job of packaging useful information combined with industry contacts in an easy to use manner.
ShakeNation, Chicago, IL